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Big Country PVC Fencing

With our range of PVC fence styles and applications we are able to offer you unique fencing choices that will enhance any home, farm or stock paddock application. We offer value for money solutions that are designed to suit every budget. And we know our product will last! So with this confidence and experience in the PVC industry you also can be confident that a Big Country Supplies PVC fence is the right choice for your vinyl fencing project.     

What is a Big Country vinyl fence made of?

The base ingredient is rigid PVC (poly vinyl chloride) homopolymer compound as produced by Big Country Vinyl Fence, with a high level of titanium Dioxide pigment for long term, ultraviolet (UV) light resistance and impact modifiers for superior strength. All of our product line is made from virgin poly vinyl chloride (PVC) and other critical ingredients such as UV inhibitors and impact modifiers. This gives the material long-term durability, flexibility and weather ability. Big Country Vinyl Fence is manufactured with the highest industry UV protection for the harshest climates.

What is virgin vinyl?

Quite simply, 100% new PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Big Country PVC fencing contains no recycled products. The term 'recycled' refers to post consumer or post industrial material coming from the waste stream.

Will Big Country PVC Fence turn yellow?

No. Unlike the mass-produced plastic products you may be familiar with, our product line is engineered to maintain its true color for a lifetime. Our products contain 10% titanium dioxide (Ti02) as well as other chemical additives which prevent ultraviolet degradation. Yellowing in vinyl products is due to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This amount of extremely effective UV inhibitor guarantees to hold up in the most extreme climates.

Will PVC burn?

PVC has a very high flash point and does not readily ignite. Vinyl, therefore, is classified as "self-extinguishing".

How strong is vinyl?

Big Country Vinyl Fence has been impact modified with a chemical compound. The product formula has been tailored to provide optimum performance and strength. Our vinyl has 5 times the tensile strength and 4 times the flexibility of wood.

How do I clean my vinyl fence?

Under normal circumstances a simple rinse with a garden hose will be sufficient. For more stubborn stains however, we recommend using the Enjo outdoor glove with water only.

Can PVC fencing break?

Big Country Vinyl Fence uses a high content of impact inhibitors which prevent breaking of properly installed fencing under normal use and conditions. Of course, dramatic and direct impact such as being struck by a car can cause damage, so it's good to know that all Big Country Vinyl Fence components are easy to replace.

Will fencing become brittle in cold weather?

While plastic materials do become less flexible when it's cold, Big Country Vinyl Fence components are designed to accommodate normal temperature swings. The impact inhibitors we use to prevent breaking also help our components withstand cold weather conditions.

Is PVC safe for children and animals?

Yes! PVC has a smooth non-porous surface with no sharp edges or splinters. Your children and animals are actually safer when compared to wood fences.

Do these PVC products come with a warranty?

Yes. Big Country PVC Fencing products are built to last and backed with a 50 year limited warranty.